I take pride in what I do and take the quality of my work very serious whether its to showcase a state, town, or even a small event. I’m determined to capture all scenes in stunning fashion in which I can walk away feeling extra proud of. My focus is in landscape/seascape and lifestyle photography, but also have experience with staged photo shoots! In order to produce high quality quality content, I’m capable of making the best of ANY weather conditions or time crunch. I’m able to roll with whatever circumstances are thrown at me! Together we can put together beautiful tailored itineraries for gorgeous photo packages as well as for social media or both!

Although my Instagram following is less than 10k I currently average an 18-19% engagement rate which is very good. I work alongside clients to strategize content that will connect with their customer’s needs, while still making that content perfect for social media. The content I create is meant to capture the users attention immediately. The average social media user is observing a social media post for roughly 2-3 seconds which makes it crucial for content to connect instantly and continue to resonate.

Please reach out! I want to work for you and your client!

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